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Sit down and relax in our rustic* cellar door, where you’ll taste our Organic & Biodynamic wines and be regaled with tales by our down-to-earth** staff.

Peek behind the scenes into the fermenting room, see the bottling line and take a walk in the sunshine*** through the vines.

Every one of us has a hand in making the wines, so you’ll get some honest insider knowledge rather than a handful of buzzwords****

Wine, natural honey, books and more available for purchase.

An open house that offers a five-star experience*****

We are a small venue and can only fit so many of you lovely wine enthusiasts in at one time. So we highly recommend booking in advance. We charge a $10 tasting fee per person.

This fee guarantees you a place at our table, it is also refundable on purchase... so if you love the wine, grab a bottle... or 12.

See you soon!

Open Wednesday to Saturday 10am-4pm   

Cellar Door will be closed September 1st - 21st 2021 while we take 5 and smell the roses. If you're one of our Party People, check out the Events page for details on the September Sessions new release tastings. Email us with questions! Thanks for understanding 💚

1105 Vasse Yallingup Siding Road, Quindalup

08 9755 1974


*fancy word for handbuilt

**positive term word for not snooty

***sunshine neither guaranteed nor certified

****bouquet, unctious, austere, flamboyant

*****by putting five *s after five-stars, that probably makes it 10 star. Not luxurious, just really, really interesting