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Winter Refurbishments happening from July 17th - September 23rd! Cellar Door will be CLOSED during this time. We look forward to welcoming you into a fancy new shed in the spring.


Sit down and relax in our rustic* cellar door, where you’ll taste our Organic & Biodynamic wines and be regaled with tales by our down-to-earth** staff.

Peek behind the scenes into the fermenting room, see the bottling line and take a walk in the sunshine*** through the vines.

Every one of us has a hand in making the wines, so you’ll get some honest insider knowledge rather than a handful of buzzwords****

Wine, natural honey, books and more available for purchase.

An open house that offers a five-star experience*****

We are a small venue and can only fit so many of you lovely wine enthusiasts in at one time. Tastings are by appointment only so please make a booking in advance. We charge a $10 tasting fee per person.

This fee guarantees you a place at our table, it is also refundable on purchase... so if you love the wine, grab a bottle... or 12.

See you soon!

Open Wednesday to Saturday 10am-4pm   

1105 Vasse Yallingup Siding Road, Quindalup

08 9755 1974


*fancy word for handbuilt

**positive term word for not snooty

***sunshine neither guaranteed nor certified

****bouquet, unctious, austere, flamboyant

*****by putting five *s after five-stars, that probably makes it 10 star. Not luxurious, just really, really interesting