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Ben Gould
18 August 2021 | Wine | Ben Gould

What the Piquette?

Waste not, want not. And if you can make a thirst-quencher in the process it's even better. Piquette, Lilipet, Baby Petillant. Made from grape skins that would usually have gone straight to waste, and good, clean Quindalup rainwater. With a little bit of bottle fermentation magic and a mother earth label by local artist Jen Thomas we have a low-alcohol, fruity, adult fizzy drink. 

Piquette comes in three flavours: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and everyone's new favourite blend, Chenin Blanc & Shiraz. It's very limited quantities and only available in a mixed 6 pack or mixed dozen. 

Ingredients: grapes, rainwater, hope

Ben explains more here:


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