May 16, 2017

I've stuffed up a lot of really good grapes.

I've also made some good wine, & occasional great wine, 
 & some really really bad wine (don't worry - biofuel)

But always honest wine

That might sound a little bit weird. But, there are a bunch of things you can do to wine that can muddle where the grapes are from. You can add tannins extracted from trees and nuts, adjust the acidity to make it seem crisper or safer, or apply additives and packet fixes to make things ‘better’.

We prefer our wines to reflect the land it has been grown from and the hard work that has been put in. That means in our winery we use all-wild ferments, minimal additives, air drying, lees stirring, skin ferments, carbonic maceration and other methods that allow us to get closer and closer to our goal.

We’ve busted up a lot of good grapes in our quest to craft wines with nothing added and nothing taken away.  And, we’ll continue to keep testing and tasting to push things further and get closer to where we want to be.  The intersection of great and honest is getting less blurry every season. And every season of growing throws up a new series of challenges. But, with a blend of new-world training, old-world techniques and endless experimentation we’ve managed to produce some amazing wines that are true to where they’ve come from.

And, they taste great. Honest…

For more on our winemaking techniques, check out our blog where we talk about our wins, losses and what can be done to make wines a little more honest.

Give me the juice!