What a year!

February 13, 2012

We've had a hell of a year!

New customers, new labels, new wines and now a newsletter...well sorta

Our website is slowly getting an overhaul, it has grown with bolt-on bits and pieces(a little like our winery I guess) but I am working harder to bring everything together and having a more interactive and 'living' site. Hey go easy, I'm a farmer

We started the year with a house being delivered to the property, so packing up the rental we lived in for 10 years. I had also only just left my job at Howard Park, so heaps of Perth trips showing wine to restaurants to keep the money coming in feed the family. We soon moved in to the news that we were included in Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine 'Best of the Best' list of 2011, the year was looking good.

Then some kind words from many super wine blogger dudes and dudettes, magazine spots in Delicious Magazine, Scoop, Spice magazine, a tasting with James Suckling and now to top the year off, top ten newcomers for 2011 in Gourmet Traveller magazine

Also we saw a tweak of the Blind Corner labels from the good people at  Studio Bomba, followed by the new Two Brothers labels by the same fine people. I do hope they forgive me for the homemade website you see before you...

We continue to tweak and push our natural wine goals. With half our range now natural (no additives except SO2). And we are following the biodynamic path too. But only been full on with that for 6 months

We already re-use all wastewater from the house, and as of January will be re-using all of our winery waste too. This will be utilised in our compost project, so nothing will leave vineyard aside from delicious wine.

Thanks to everyone for helping us complete our first full year, gonna be a hard one to beat!



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