Merry Christmas! What a year

December 10, 2015

What a year!  I know I have said that before, but it is hard to fathom everything that has happened in the last 12 months.

Bought the new vineyard, sold our house, moved to a rental, moved schools, moved a winery… 

The new vineyard is absolutely booming along too, difficult to keep up with the rapid vine growth and hard to believe that it has been a year since we were raising the deposit to buy the place!  (Thanks again for your help with that)

All the vineyard work has kept me too busy to show the Blind Corner wines over to restaurants on the East Coast, so I still have their stock sitting here.  This is great news should you want something special for Christmas, or bought some wines during the release and wanted a top up.

We also had an audit back in September from Australian Certified Organic (that went for 4 hours!) Audits are like being followed by a police car when you are driving, you are pretty sure you are doing everything right but can’t stop thinking you have forgotten something!  Anyway it all went well and the new vineyard will be certified ‘in-conversion’ before we even pick a grape!  An amazing result.

Because our old vineyard was within 20km of the new place, we could get that checked out without paying extra license fees too.  Always love a bargain, so we did.  Six years of records were checked over by the ACO during the audit and all complied.  Nice to have the confirmation that we have been doing it right all these years!

We plan to continue to make the Blind Corner wines from the old vineyard.  We also have a new label almost complete for wines off the new vineyard.  Stay tuned there, we are very close.

Our handy little BD app calculator, BioGarden, has been re-built too.  And then we gave it away!  Things got a bit crazy with the new vineyard this year and the little App was being neglected.  It’s new home is with Brian Keats, who prints beautiful Biodynamic calendars and planting guides out of Tasmania and is a legend in the BD world.  Nice to have it going to a good home.

Well that is it from me for the moment, I have about 38,000 vines that need attention, a tractor that is not working and some weather coming in.  With a bit of luck we will be mostly up to date in the vineyards just before Christmas.  Then concrete cutting into the floor for drainage for the new winery.  The fun never stops.

And if we don't hear from you, we wish you a safe and awesome Christmas season with family and friends and good cheer, enjoy the Summer!

I’ll certainly be enjoying a couple days of rest.

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