May 16, 2017

We don't sit still around here much, well Ben does, but our resident grape whisperer/bee hugger Simon doesn't.  Here are some of our other projects that we have going...


We have sixteen Warre beehives, mainly on the Quindalup property, keeping us and our friends drizzled in honey. At some point we’ll probably put it in tubs and have it for sale, but until then we’re simply loving it on our toast and in our cuppas.  

Naked Wines

We also make wines under the label Blind Side for a wine company called Naked Wines, based in NSW.  We do hope that eventually the wines will be 100% from our new vineyard.  But in the meantime we supplement our own grapes for this label with some from local conventional vineyards.  

Big 'ol Vegie patch.

Naomi is busy expanding our little vegie patch here. We’ve got tomatoes, carrots and spinach’s hipster cousin - kale. The aim is for this produce go beyond stocking our pantry and coming through the cellar door, or local folks around town who need it.


We have a bunch of free-range chickens roaming the place, pecking the bugs off the ground and dropping their bum nuts for us to eat. If times get tough, we’ll still be able to eat honey covered omelettes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Give me the juice!