January 02, 2018

From left to right >  Simon, (Pippy), Naomi, Ben, Paul, Lucy.


Ben was born just in time to witness East Fremantle win the 1974 WAFL Grand Final, thus breaking a 9-year drought for the team. This caused his Dad to believe that he possessed exceptional timing and was destined to be a sporting hero. His Dad was wrong. Ben and his wife Naomi own and run Blind Corner Organic & Biodynamic vineyards and winery. Their 20+ years experience in the cellars and vineyards of Margaret River culminated in a 2-year European jaunt trying to sample every wine and surf break in Western Europe.

Ben has a fancy bit of paper certifying him to be a grapegrower and winemaker (Bachelor of Applied Wine Science), but he’s most proud of the fact that he’s able to balance work with family time, dropping into Blind Corner’s skate ramp with the kids on a regular basis.


If Ben is the head of Blind Corner, Naomi is the heart. Her years of experience in hospitality and fronting cellar doors means she knows the people side of the business more than most. Her natural approach to life, bred from years surfing in the pristine Indian Ocean, has been a driving force in ensuring the organic/biodynamic direction of Blind Corner - not only with the wines, but adding chickens to the property to peck bugs off the vines, and installing a big veggie patch to keep the family in fresh produce. Naomi keeps all of the boys honest, even if she does sneak a bottle of Petillant into her backpack whenever stocks get low.


Simon is French - which in most people’s eyes make him instantly qualified to be a winemaker. In reality, he’s from the part of France that’s more famous for making beer. We hired him anyway. He’s a crazy hard worker, is well-travelled and quick to smile. Apart from helping to grow, taste and waste wines with us, he is Blind Corner’s resident bee whisperer, taking care of the many Warre hives on the Quindaulp property.


The newest addition to the team, Paul is the CEO and Chief Coffee Maker at Blind Corner. He managed two hugely successful hotels in Perth before taking the lifestyle leap (and staggering pay cut) to run our operations from the South West of WA. His proven track record in growing strong businesses, along with his inclusive vision of making natural wines more accessible, makes him the perfect guy to bring Blind Corner to the wider world. When he’s not crunching the numbers or scratching out strategy, he can be found cracking hockey balls around the pitch, reminding us that he’s not afraid to use the stick as well as the carrot to get things done.