2018 Blind Corner Aligote

Blind Corner Aligote

The rarest things in life often feel the most wonderful when experienced - the sparkle of diamonds, the sweet song of unicorns, the refreshing taste of West Australian Aligote.

This highly limited batch is made from the only planting of Aligote grapes in the state (and one of three in the whole country). It took three years to organically grow enough grapes for a single barrel, which was wild fermented and rough filtered to bottle, keeping the wine as close to the vineyard as possible.

The result is a dry white that has citrus and floral notes with a striking palate weight. Its crisp flavour makes for ultra refreshing drinking, sip after sip after sip.

Enjoy on a hot summer’s day with fresh seafood and salad sprinkled in albino truffle oil.

Ingredients: Grapes, minimal sulphites