2018 Blind Corner Preservative Free Field Blend

2018 Blind Corner  Preservative Free Field Blend 

Like BASE jumping from Angel Falls, sometimes you want to step over the edge and feel the freedom of living off your wingsuit alone. We’ve done that here with our Preservative-Free Field Blend. Of the fifty-eight allowable additives you can put in wine, we normally use just one in very small amounts. This blend takes the leap to full freedom, in an ultra-limited release red. 

Majority Shiraz grapes are co-fermented alongside a handful of Viognier for a smooth finish with oak tannins in the back. It ages just as well as any other wine when sealed in the bottle, but once you pull the ripcord, you’ll want to finish it within a couple of days. Chances are, it will only last a couple of hours anyway - it’s that yummy.

Perfect for red-lovers wanting pure flavour with nothing else added. Jump in fast though, with only a handful of cases made, it will disappear quicker than a raindrop off a waterfall. 

Ingredients:  Grapes