2016 Blind Corner Petillant - SOLD OUT

Blind Corner Petillant

Like unicorn tears filtered through weaves of angel hair, this Petillant might be elusive, but the results are what myths are made of. Long on taste and light in colour, it makes a hot day cool and a cool day life at the beach.

First, we take the pressings portion of the Chenin used for the Cremant and wild-ferment it in barrels. Then we freeze a bucket of Shiraz juice for good measure. Once dry, or really really close, we immediately add more juice, blend the barrels and bottle.  This way the wine keeps fermenting, but finishes in bottle, trapping the CO2 trying to escape and making it bubbly.  

The resultant wine is pink, super-fresh, bubbly & slightly cloudy.  

If someone calls it rosé, slap a glass in their hand and set them straight. This is mother flippin' Petillant!  


Give me the juice!