2020 Blind Corner Orange* In Colour

Everyone loves a bit of skin contact. Babies hugging their mothers, kids slapping epic high-fives and adults chasing a little slap and tickle. For the ticklish adults among us, there’s another amazing option - our skin contact Orange*. 

This blend uses just about every variety of white/grey/gris you can think of - Pinot Gris, Sauv Blanc, Semillon & Chenin, then blends them in a rolling wild ferment. All skins are left in through the process to add tannin tang and a wonderful mouth texture. The result is a cloudy, yellow/orange-coloured wine that tastes like rainbows and textured like sun. We blend this bit with 3x neutral wild ferment vessel action and add a teeny dash.  Like teeny.  Of some estate grown Cabernet to bring it home and makes your eyes understand what your tongue is trying to tell you.

Great as a drop both red and white lovers can enjoy, everyone loves a bit of skin contact Orange*.

* In Colour 

Ingredients: Grapes, minimal sulphites, love, honesty