2020 Blind Corner Governo

Like Sauvignon Blanc smuggled from an exotic bazaar, this wine has a familiar taste, but with added characters of blackcurrant flower, mandarin and Morrocan spice.

To make our new and improved Governo blend, a portion of grapes are hand-picked early and air-dried, before wild fermented 'on skins'. The remaining grapes are basket pressed and wild-fermented in old french oak, stainless steel and a concrete egg. These batches are then combined and lees stirred occasionally for 7 months, prior to bottling cloudy to maintain a nice orange hue.

The result is a taste that goes beyond what you normally expect from Sauvignon Blanc, transporting your mood to far-flung lands.

Best enjoyed with fish and salad, or browsing your next holiday destination on Google Earth.

Ingredients: Grapes, minimal sulphites