2020 Blind Corner Nouveau

2020 Blind Corner Nouveau

Imagine how sweet you'd feel if you were released from jail early. Now capture that joy in a bottle. This is the Blind Corner Nouveau.

Maintaining its rugged heart underneath, this early-release Shiraz starts with grapes that are locked inside a refrigerated sea container to undergo 'Carbonic Maceration'. The process effectively ferments each grape from the inside to 1-2% alcohol until the oxygen runs out. This helps trap fresh fruity flavours and bright colours. 

Once we let the grapes out, we jump on them to free their juice and come back in the morning to basket press them, before finishing the ferment in oak barrels.

The wine is fresh & clean, yet complex like any ex-con. Get one bottle for yourself and one for your parole officer.

Ingredients: Grapes, minimal sulphites