The most expensive wine club in the world (we think). It's crazy and extravagant, just how we like to roll.  

  • 12 wines delivered to your door monthly + magnums 
  • A BARREL of your favourite Blind Corner wine delivered to your home (in Australia) 
  • The finest dinner of local and organic produce cooked by Ben and Naomi for you and ten friends 
  • They'll bring a few industry friends along for the ride (many hands make light work and interesting conversation) 
  • The barrel will be emptied into bottles in your lounge room/ kitchen/ backyard/ rooftop/ driveway (wherever you want the party to be)
  • Staves of the empty barrel will be burned to cook said dinner for 10 friends 
  • We will name a road on our Quindalup Vineyard after you
  • You get the pleasure of being a featured guest on our podcast Real Wine People
  • Plus the decoration of being a member of the most expensive wine club in the world... we might even make you a badge