A dozen of Ben & Naomi's ultimate favourites and new releases. Always valued over $400 which you get for $299. Delivered to your door three times a year, to match the season or vibe we are feeling at the time. Always good vibes, always good wine.

The Autumn pack will look something like this:

1 x Bottle 2019 Aligoté- very limited release will be sold out in seconds

2 x Bottle 2019 Sangiovese- soon to be released juicy red goodness

2 x Party Cans of South Coast Cooler- Nouveau Shiraz + rainwater + bubbles in a handy sized can

2 x Bottles of 2019 Blanc- enjoy directly from the bottle in the shower (if that's your deal) 

1 x Bottle 2017 Field Blend- "the best Margaret River Shiraz I have ever had... Amazing" Jeremy Prus 

2 x Bottles 2018 Cabernet- almost all gone currenty goodness

1 x Bottle 2019 Petillant- what myths are made of

2 x Bottles 2019 Chenin Blanc- legendary juice 


Free freight 

20% off additional purchases