About us

Organic, biodynamic vines - nurtured from grape to glass in Margaret River.

Our first ever jobs in wine were part of the family business. We learned early how to grow grapes, experiment with making techniques and enjoy the results. This bred a deep-seeded love for winemaking and all that comes with it.

But, when we began thinking about starting our very own winery we realised that a modern-day vineyard isn’t a particularly natural place to be around. There are pesticides that go on the vines, chemicals used in the processing of grapes and other practices that never quite sat right with us. If we were to start something, we wanted our kids to be able to get out in the dirt of the property and play around without us worrying. We wanted them to be able to pick fruit off of the trees and put them straight into their mouths without a care in the world.

A van trip to Europe, touring around every vineyard and surf break we could pack in, opened our eyes to what winemaking could be. We saw that you can use old-world techniques and blend them with new-world technology to create more natural wines that taste great and last.  

That’s when we decided to convert to organic winegrowing.

It’s taken a long time to get things right - nurturing new vines, testing techniques, trying different recipes, tasting (and sometimes spitting out) the results. As we’ve grown, we’ve bought another vineyard near the original, now with our own bottling plant, allowing us control every part of the process. The extra space has meant we’ve been able to add a biodynamic vegie garden onto the property to help feed us and others, beehives to keep us in honey, and free-range chooks to scratch out the bugs in the vineyard.

While we don’t always get things spot on, we’re proud to pour our creations into a glass, hand it to a friend and watch their eyes light up. It’s even more satisfying knowing that the wine is as natural as we could make it.

Please have click around the website. You’ll find plenty of information on how we grow, make and enjoy the produce here. You can even pick up a bottle or two for yourself , if that tickles your fancy. We’ve love to know what you think.

Ben and Naomi Gould


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