Side Projects

We don't sit still around here much, well I do, but Simon doesn't.  Here are some of our other projects that we have going, or are just starting up.

Cellar door
We are slowly cobbling together a tasting room, it's not fancy, but we are working toward opening end of 2016 if we can find the money and time to complete it.  This will be at the new vineyard on Vasse-Yallingup Rd not far out of Dunsborough.

Much more room on the new place for fun stuff like this.  Tim Malfroy runs courses in NSW for natural bee-keeping.  And we are booked in for the next course.  Honey by Christmas!

Naked Wines
We also make wines under the label Blind Side for a wine company called Naked Wines, based in NSW.  We do hope that eventually the wines will be 100% from our new vineyard.  But in the meantime we supplement our own grapes with some from local conventional vineyards.  

Big 'ol Vegie patch.
Naomi is busy planning to expand our little vegie patch here.  I always cringe a little because you know who has to dig all of those holes.  Yep..  That's right.  Simon.  Poor bugger.

Just at the "drawing nice pictures" stage, but we hope to have some chickens incorporated into vineyard life this year.