We've put together a mixture of reds (some that aren't even on sale anywhere else 😱) + 2 x 🍊 Ørange 🍊wines for all of your camp fire needs.

We have; 

2 bottles x 2019 Pinot Grigio (Ørange)

From our second harvest of the graft block at Quindalup, this small run of Pinot Grigio was hand-picked and wild skin-fermented like a red wine. It was then foot-crushed and hand-plunged, before going into oak barrels to finish ferment. The result is a fine balance of sweetness and bitterness, that gives off subtle red fruit flavours with a slightly peppery finish. Not quite white, red, rosé or grey. It’s Pinot Grigio

3 bottles x 2019 Ørange

This blend uses just about every variety of white grape you can think of - Pinot Gris, Sauv Blanc, Semillon, Chenin and Aligote, then blends them in a rolling wild ferment. All skins are left in through the process to add tannin tang and a wonderful mouth texture. The result is a cloudy, copper-coloured wine that tastes like rainbows and sunshine.  Great as a drop both red and white lovers can enjoy, it will be the talking point of any get together. From uncles and aunts, friends and workmates - everyone loves a bit of skin contact Ørange.

3 bottles x 2018 Rouge 

This blend has been simply foot-crushed, hand-plunged during wild ferment and basket pressed to old oak for some sleepy time. The Cabernet, Shiraz & Merlot are all from from our Quindalup vineyard.  Add in a chocolate pudding and you might just get a ménage à quatre of taste that you're willing to sacrifice your first born for.

2 bottles x 2018 Cabernet 

Made from two blocks of Cabernet from the Quindalup vineyard, we foot-crush the grapes, hand-plunge them during wild fermentation and then basket press the result into old oak barrels, to finish fermentation and mature for 12 months. 10% of the wine is done 'ripasso'.  This means some grapes here are first air-dried into raisins before fermentation then, during fermentation, the skins are re-passed through the blend for good measure. This process creates more intense flavours, that blend to create a unique balance of currant and awesomeness.

2 bottles x 2018 Preservative Free Field Blend 

Of the fifty-eight allowable additives you can put in wine, we normally use just one in very small amounts. This blend takes the leap to full freedom, in an ultra-limited release red. Majority Shiraz grapes are co-fermented alongside a handful of Viognier for a smooth finish with oak tannins in the back. It ages just as well as any other wine when sealed in the bottle, but once you pull the ripcord, you’ll want to finish it within a couple of days. Chances are, it will only last a couple of hours anyway - it’s that yummy!