12 Wines of Christmas

The big one! 12 bottles of Christmas cheer to get you through any social, family and solo occasion for $299

2 x Pétillant;  Top Ten Sparkling Wines in Australia - DrinkEasy Awards 2019 

2 x Nouveau;  Top Ten Light Reds in Australia - Drink Easy Awards 2019 

1 x Chardonnay-Aligote;  Only blend in Western Australia 

1 x Bernard;  Best Western Australian Full- flavoured Red - Drink Easy Awards 2019 

1 x Cremant;  Naomi, Steph's and Auntie Maureen's Favourite  

2 x Blanc;  All-occasion ready, here for a good time 

2 x Rouge;  The perfect BBQ & pizza fodder

1 x Ørange;  #14 wine in Western Australia, 2019 Good Food Guide