2016 Blind Corner Petillant

Blind Corner Petillant

Chardonnay Petillant sold out but we have a small amount of Chenin Petillant in Dark Glass (experiment number 2, we don't have a photo).  Made the same way as below but from a block of Chenin on the West of the property

Now from the new vineyard

We have made a few of these over the years, but only ever released 3.  For those who have never had one, please have an open mind!  For those that have, well this one is a ripper

Simply made, this wine is all about timing.  We took some Chardonnay from a block at the North of the Quindalup property and let it wild-ferment it in barrels.  At the same time we filled some 20L containers with the same juice and froze it

Once fermented dry and through malolactic fermentation in barrel, or really really close, we add back some of the frozen juice, blend the barrels and bottle.  This way the wine starts fermenting in bottle, which traps the CO2 trying to escape and makes it bubbly.

The resultant wine is slightly pink (we fermented in old red barrels!), super-fresh, bubbly & slightly cloudy. Not to challenging so perfect to scoff on a humid afternoon

Yes it does have bits in the bottom!  It is bottle-fermented, like Coopers beer

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