2020 Blind Corner Pinot Grigio

2020 Blind Corner Pinot Grigio 

(Orange wine)

It’s easy to think that Pinot Grigio is a white wine. In reality, the grapes are a wonderful copper colour that produce a juice with orange hues. Who knows why then Grigio means grey in Italian. Maybe they’re just saying it comes in (50 if you’re feeling frisky) shades between blanco and nero.

From our third harvest of the graft block at Quindalup, this small run of Pinot Grigio was hand-picked and wild skin-fermented like a red wine. It was then foot-crushed and hand-plunged, before going into oak barrels to finish ferment.

The result is a fine balance of sweetness and bitterness, that gives off subtle red fruit flavours with a slightly peppery finish.

Not quite white, red, rosé or grey. It’s Pinot Grigio.

Ingredients:  Grapes, minimal sulphites