2017 Blind Corner Pinot Grigio

Blind Corner Pinot Grigio

All kinds of great things come in cans - beer, tennis balls and whoop ass. We figured that injecting some tasty Pinot Grigio into a tin seemed like a good idea too. So, here we are.  PIGs in a can! 

From our first harvest of the graft block at Quindalup, this small run of Pinot Grigio was hand-picked and wild skin-fermented like a red wine. It was then foot-crushed and hand-plunged, before going into oak barrels to finish ferment.

Only 180 cans were made, and they went fast. If you're looking for a something with a bit of extra personality, try our unicorn drop - the Petillant. You can even pour it into an empty can at home and drink from that, if you're after the feel of aluminium in your hand.

Give me the juice!