The Super Mix

 6-pack $99, 12-pack $159

50% Reds + 50% Whites = 100% Awesome

While the above equation might not hold up as a mathematical proof at Mensa, the cost-to-value ratio of this 'Super Mix' will keep any wine-drinking accountant happy. Offering a blend of blends to cater to a range of palates, you can bathe your taste buds in this juice any day of the week.

If that's not enough to entice you to hit the buy now button, here's a little more about each drop to tickle your eyeballs.  

2016 Blind Corner Rouge

Some partnerships create a magic that could never be realised alone - bacon and eggs, surf and sunshine, Siegfried and Roy. 

Cab and Merlot is another match that delivers something greater than the sum of its parts. Blend the rich upfront flavour and lingering aftertaste of Cabernet with the silky soft consistency of Merlot, and you have this Rouge of super delicious deliciousness. 

Add in a chocolate pudding and you might just get a ménage à trois of taste that you're willing to sacrifice your first born for.

2017 Blind Corner Blanc

This blend is made with Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon grapes with a hint of Chenin. The result is a classic dry white, with enough sweetness to give your taste buds something to dance around. The fruit comes from our Quindalup vineyard and is simply made in a stainless steel tank for freshness.

Perfect as a weekday sip, it's great to relax into after a hard day's work, or even enjoy directly from the bottle in the shower (if that's your deal).  


Give me the juice!